MiraPette E&EL


Digital pipetting 

MIRAGEN innovation redefines digital pipetting through precise volume control using motorized software control programs and ergonomic hardware design.  The ultra-small MIRAPETTE E and EL digital pipette models enable one hand pipetting and full control in liquid movement to achieve highest precision and accurate microvolume transfer.  The revolutionary MIRAFLOW PLUS enables 3D all angle digital pipetting of large volume media and sample like an electronic pipette pushing the envelope of experimental excellence.


New generation digital electronic pipetting

We think the design of electronic pipette is out of date, it is either too complicated to operate or too heavy to keep using it for daily routine yet critical assay work.  We believe the electronic pipette is true answer to accurate and precise digital liquid transfer because the operation error for manual pipetting is so unpredictably high.  To advance scientific investigation and to ensure true measurement of modern assay analysis, we introduce the MIRAPETTE digital electronic pipette series.

MIRAPETTE E – standard model 

MIRAPETTE EL – long shaft model


innovative features & attributes

·         8 Volume Models covering 0.3 μL to 5 mL range

·         Low Profile Quick Volume Dial & Push Start Button

·         Large Top Color Display Screen shows real-time information

·         Single hand operation with full control at all time

·         Self-Calibration quiet & powerful Motor

·         High Accuracy & Precision for repeatable runs

·         Adjustable Aspiration (1 – 9) & Dispensing Rate (0 – 9)

·         Ultra-Short E body enhances control & comfort

·         Narrow-Long EL shaft allows deep tube applications

·         Anti-corrosive Alloy Tip Cone enhances durability

·         Dual Battery to support long operation periods  

·         High Quality quick cleaning body casing 

mirapette e Single & multi-channel digital electronic pipette series