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About Us -
MIRAGEN INC. is a life science company providing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, high quality chemical reagents and comprehensive consumables for life science applications. Our focus is to supply excellent products and services for global development through scientific advancements. We serve customers from a diverse background including academia, biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and forensic fields. Our company culture is to foster team effort and encourage innovative thinking while striving to completely satisfy our customers.
MIRAGEN INC offers four main laboratory product lines: Equipment, Automation, Consumables and Laboratory furniture.
• Equipment line consists of a wide range of user friendly research tools built to the highest quality and the lowest maintenance designs for sample processing.
• Automation line consists of robotic system upgrades and integration of affordable process stations for sample processing.
• Consumable line includes precision engineered disposable laboratory plasticware and high purity analytical grade chemical reagents.
• Laboratory furniture line includes a wide collection of standard and premium designed lab furniture, environmental chambers and clean room modular structures.